Albemarle Corporation Background Albemarle Corporation is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals with 2009 revenue exceeding USD 2.01 billion. While based in the United States, Albemarle has twenty production facilities in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China. Albemarle also has eight Research & Development facilities in five countries and sales offices in more than forty countries. Albemarle has three main areas of business: v Polymer Additives – including flame retardants, stabilizers and curing agents v Catalysts – for refinery applications and the production of polyolefins v Fine Chemicals – targeting healthcare and agricultural applications Albemarle products are sold into end markets that are vital to the global economy and are split between various end markets: consumer electronics, refining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, petrochemicals, construction, automotive and packaging. Albemarle’s Growth in China Albemarle has a strategic objective to significantly grow its presence in China. In July 2005, Albemarle established a wholly foreign owned entity in Nanjing with a registered capital of USD 20,000,000. This entity, Albemarle Chemicals (Nanjing) Company, Limited, has purchased 100 mu (67,000 m2) in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. In July 2008, Albemarle Corporation increased investment to 100% ownership of Jinhai Albemarle. In December 2008, new joint venture - Shandong Sinobrom Albemarle Bromine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was set up. China Technical Center Albemarle’s growth in the Asia Pacific region and in particular China will depend largely on the ability to provide technical service to the customers who use Albemarle’s products. For that reason, Albemarle has constructed a Research & Development Center at the Nanjing site. Operations at the Technical Center started in December 2006. In the initial operating phase, the Technical Center will focus on technical service for customers in the polyurethane foam, polyolefin, and thermoplastics industries. In a future phase, the Technical Center will expand the facilities to provide the capability to develop new products for Albemarle’s polymer additive, catalyst, and fine chemical portfolios. Nanjing Manufacturing Facilities Albemarle has announced that the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park site will be its manufacturing base in China. Construction of a facility to repackage aluminum alkyls to support sales to the polyolefin industry in China started operations in April 2006. Construction of a facility to produce phosphorous-based flame retardants for the polyurethane foam and thermoplastics markets is now in progress with start-up scheduled for Q1 2008. Albemarle is the world’s largest producer of flame retardant products, and the construction of the flame retardant facility in Nanjing is critical to maintaining this leadership position. The products manufactured in this facility will be sold in the fast growing China market and exported to customers in the United States, Europe, and South America. Albemarle currently operates manufacturing facilities producing these products in the United States and the United Kingdom, but the Nanjing site has been selected as the site for future expansion; therefore, it is likely that the phosphorous-based flame retardant plant will be expanded in the near future. Jinhai Albemarle Manufacturing Jinhai Albemarle consists of 2 associated companies - Ningbo Jinhai Albemarle Chemical & Industry Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Albemarle Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Together, we engage in the research, development, and manufacture of antioxidants, alkyl phenols, and blending stabilizers for polymers. Using the most advanced equipment and technology, Jinhai Albemarle has become the biggest antioxidant manufacturer in China with a capacity of 18,000mt/y of antioxidants, 15,000mt/y of alkyl phenols and 4,000mt/y of blending stabilizers. Sinobrom Albemarle Bromine JV Shandong Sinobrom Albemarle Bromine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a new joint venture that is formed by Albemarle Corporation and Weifang Sinobrom Import and Export Company, Ltd. (Sinobrom) and it will combine the existing business of Sinobrom in 2008. Since the foundation of our company, our success has been achieved through continuously improvement of our competitiveness, and by working to highest levels of accreditation for quality, providing good services for all our customers. Our bromine compounds and other chemical products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, South Asia and Africa. Learn more about Sinobrom at www.sinobrom.cn 展开 公司地址:北京国贸大厦一座1316室 (邮编:100004) 地图
本公司属私营企业,自营和代理各类商品和技术的进出口,办公用品及设备耗材等。本公司位于外高桥保税区3号门附近,交通便利。欢迎有能力的员工加入我们的行列! 展开 公司地址:上海市浦东新区外高桥保税区 (邮编:200131) 地图

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